Divorce Financial Planning

You can have the knowledge and peace of mind that you are making the right financial decision for you.

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ in Red Bank, NJ

Our goal is to make sure you make smart informed decisions, separated from emotion, so you can maintain the lifestyle you need and desire.

Oceanic Capital Management is an important member of your divorce team and we take a collaborative approach in working with your attorney or mediator. We organize all your financial data, provide long-term financial forecasts, and produce “what-if” scenarios, so you can have the knowledge and peace of mind that you are making the right financial decision for you.

Financial Considerations:


  • Locate/Copy recent tax returns
  • Visit safe-deposit box(es)
  • Avoid large purchases
  • Obtain credit report
  • Establish own credit card
  • Compile monthly bank & investment statements

During Divorce

  • List all income & expenses
  • List all assets & liabilities
  • Obtain all employee benefits
  • Understand Insurance needs
  • Prepare financial projections
  • Child education cost projections
  • Evaluate tax considerations of any settlement


  • Prepare cashflow budget
  • Transfer of assets
  • Understand tax liability
  • Update wills and trust
  • Change beneficiary designations
  • Invest for retirement & child’s education
  • Re-title bank, retirement, and investment accounts

We are Certified Financial Planners™ (CFP®s), which means that we are trained on the
important areas of your financial situation: taxes, estate planning, insurance, investments, and retirement planning. We also maintain the Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ designation (CDFA™). A CDFA™ is trained specifically to work with those individuals going through the divorce process. Combining the CFP® and the CDFA™ means you have well trained individuals on your team.

Oceanic Capital Management is your advocate during every step of the divorce process making sure you retain financial security well into the future.

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