Why we work for you

We are confident our knowledge of personal finance, our training, and our experience can help you better prepare for your future.

Why Us 

The reason we became financial professionals is we were deeply concerned about the quality and motivations of traditional financial advisors. We repeatedly saw many friends and family dissatisfied or worse from the help they received at traditional “stock-brokers and insurance agents”. Our desire is to provide the best possible answers for each client’s unique situation. After many years in the business, we have developed a reputation for educating individuals in an easy-to-understand manner. Our goal is to simplify important complex financial concepts so our clients can easily understand and use them to pursue their financial objectives. We feel a commitment to our community and educating our clients is a key part of that commitment. 

The Oceanic Capital Management Team

Experience has taught us a team approach to problem solving is an effective method to help clients with a wide variety of needs. Navigating through the vast and complex financial service world can be daunting, let us be your guide.